Rug Size Guide: How To Choose Rug Size, So It Properly Fits Your Space

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Do you like to entertain guests at your home? Or do you have the habit of changing the look of your living space now and then? Then you will know the effect of beautiful rugs on the floor. Rugs with beautiful placement and style can increase the room aesthetic than a hundred showpieces. However, like all beautifying agents, the rugs’ positioning, size, and style are immensely important.  So, are you interested in knowing how to choose rug size for your home? Read the article to know more. 

How To Determine Rug Size

The first rule of room beautification with a rug is – make it clean. If it has spots, stains, or tears- you should repair it and give it a thorough cleaning. It is better to buy a new one if the current one is beyond all help. Afterwards, you will have to determine the perfect size to choose your rugs. An approximate rug size guide is given below:
  • For dining rooms, the rugs should extend at a minimum of 18″ beyond the table edge, or best 24″.  Leave space between the other furniture in the room.  Usually, the rug size guide of a dining room says to measure the length + width of the table and add 48″-54″ to each measurement. 
  • For doors/entryways/foyersmeasure the floor from the widest point so that the rug is clear of the door. You can also buy a thin rug to allow the door to open without any problem. 
  • In bedrooms, you should buy a rug 24’’ more on all sides than the bed measurements – so that you have stepping rooms.
  • Hallways are the most heavily travelled area in the home. In this space, measure it and subtract 1 foot from the length and breadth – allowing for a 6’ border around the rug. This arrangement will provide sufficient protection for a heavily-trodden area and enough border to look balanced. 
  • For large rooms, you may have to buy multiple rugs. Keep in mind that the rugs do not clash but are not identical either. 

Rug Sizes Chart

In the quest of how to choose rug size, you can often get confused with the various options. Ultimately, your rug placement has to unify the furniture and other features of the room. A general chart depicting the ideal size for the rugs for a particular room is given below:
Room size Recommended rug size
5 x 7 feet 3 x 5 feet
7 x 10 feet 5 x 8 feet
10 x 12 feet 8 x 10 feet
11 x 14 feet 9 x 12 feet
14 x 17 feet 12 x 15 feet
  However, the arrangements will need your artistic eye and decision – something a rug size guide won’t do. For example, you can place the furniture of the living room inside the rug or just their front legs – you have to choose according to what you feel is best. 

Rug Placement Guide

The most detailed rug size guide also impresses the importance of the proper placement of the rug. However, it requires understanding its purpose – whether it would be a statement piece or something that would seamlessly integrate with the room, providing a tranquil feel? You can choose patterned rugs – as long as it doesn’t clash with the room’s aesthetic. An appropriately designed polypropylene rug can elevate a room effortlessly. Ideally, a rug should leave some of the room space while incorporating all your furniture – creating a border. If you are not sure about the perfect size, go for the biggest one. It is better than a lesser-sized rug, which makes a room look incomplete.  If you are wondering how to choose rug size for the perfect placement, the chart below will help you:
Room  Placement details
Living room You can arrange the furniture with its front legs on the rug or place it to take in all the furniture while leaving 20 cm. on all sides. A round rug will make the room more inviting when the seating is arranged at a later distance. 
Dining room  Choose a rug with a similar shape to the table. Allow the rug to extend 50 – 70 cm on all sides of the dinner table. Ensure that the chair remains within the rug when pulled away – otherwise, the guests will trip. 
Bedroom  Place the bed frame and side tables on the rug for a luxurious look. For a smaller rug, place the lower two-thirds of the bed on it. Place a runner or round rug as per your symmetry needs. 
  However, you can deviate from the above suggestions and arrange your rug according to your taste. Just ensure that you make the right decisions to enhance the interiors of your home! 

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