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First manufacturing unit set up in Umbergaon, Gujarat

With the latest Japanese technology Jacquard Looms Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd set up its first manufacturing unit in Umbergaon Gujarat. Very few companies had these machines with them at that time. Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd is one of the oldest Polypropylene mat manufacturer companies in the world.


Innovative expansion of product portfolio

Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd mats got a great response from the market and a lot of clients were approaching for the products. With the increase in demand, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd started working on new designs and colours. As a result of this, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was able to come up with some great product designs and colours. All these designs were hit in the market at that time. Also, with this increasing demand, the number of machines and production capacity was increased by the Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd team.


Daman manufacturing unit triples the production capacity

The second Manufacturing unit was set up at Daman with the most advanced Japanese technology Jacquard Looms. With these extraordinary machines, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was able to increase their production capacity by 3 times compared to the previous couple of years. Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd shipped its first shipment out of India and this is the biggest breakthrough for us at that time.


Distribution channel expansion makes Sahil India’s top PP mat manufacturer

In this period Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was on the top of the list of clients who wanted to come into the distribution business of Mats/Rugs. With the current clients and the confidence that we are the top manufacturers of mats, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd worked on its distribution channel expansion and was very successful in this practice.


Manufacturing unit set up in Talasari to boost rural employment

Another Manufacturing unit was set up in Talasari, Maharashtra in the name of Huma Polyplast Limited, with all the latest Indian looms. Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd always believes in social service and that is the main reason we set up this manufacturing unit in the rural area. Result of this Talasari and other nearby villages got employment. We also wanted to promote Indian machinery and hence started using these machines in this plant.


A greater focus on global expansion

At this time Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was one of the biggest mats manufacturing companies in India. And their employees were still hungry to taste more success, taking this opportunity Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd worked on its global expansion and started achieving greater heights.


Coming by as a reputed Indian brand

This was the toughest time in the mats/rugs industry. A lot of cheap Indian types of machinery were coming into the market and small businesses were producing in huge numbers without giving importance to the quality. Hence international clients were scared to buy anything from the Indian market, and winning their trust became very hard. A lot of companies fall in this period after trying so hard to survive in this market. In this testing period, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd not only stood tall but also was able to win national and international clients confidence all because its superior quality, competitive rates and incredible service.


Becoming the top suppliers of PP mats in retail chains

This was the modern trade period. New challenges were coming in this period but Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was known for tackling any challenges and hurdles. Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd entered in all big retail and mall chains and was able to do a profitable and successful business, today also we are the number one suppliers of mats in all retail chains.


Sahil’s largest manufacturing plant set up in Aurangabad

Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd.’s biggest plant was set up at Aurangabad Maharashtra in 2010. All other setups were moved here so that there won’t be any hurdles in communication and production-related works. Aurangabad was the hub for rugs production due to the skill sets of employees, better costs and ease of doing export. Again thanks for this new plant Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd was able to increase its production capacity by double compared to previous few years.


Proud members of the world’s largest trade associations: SEDEX & SCAN

Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd always gave importance to great work culture and employees benefits and was continually improving their work culture and giving a lot of benefits to its employees. In 2016 Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd went through social and compliance audits, and now we are the proud members of two of the biggest trade associations in the world SEDEX & SCAN.


Regular participants in the world’s biggest textile trade shows: Domote and Heimtextile

Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd decided to take part in the world’s biggest trade shows in the textile industry and was part of 2016 Domotex and Heimtextile, and now every year we are taking part in it and we have created a great reputation in the eyes of regular Domotex and Heimtextil visitors. In 2020, Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd also passed the Amazon Quality Audit and started theirs online selling journey in the same year. Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd achieving great heights in this business and year by year increasing their national and international clientele. The Product capacity also increasing day by day and Sahil Plastic Pvt Ltd is planning to set up a new plant beside the current one.

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