Virgin plastic rugs are made using premium quality virgin polypropylene granules and recycled plastic rugs are made using recycled polypropylene granules. (Plastic recycling encompasses several processes through which plastic waste is collected and converted back into useful plastic, instead of being simply disposed of.)

There aren’t any big differences between these two rugs, and in both the rugs plastic straws are tightly woven together to offer strength and durability.

Polypropylene is the material used in outdoor/indoor rugs. The original best quality rugs contain polypropylene material only. This material is stain-resistant, easy to clean, won’t fade from sunlight, and can handle high moisture and heavy foot traffic. It is strong and durable, and at the same time will give you pleasing comfort.

The rugs can be made in three different compositions, which are virgin, semi-virgin or recycled polypropylene.

Functionally all three mats are the same. The performance of the mats also remains the same, the only difference is colour consistency during the production. In virgin mats, you’ll get more consistent colours compared to semi-virgin and recycled mats. The colour consistency drops a bit when you go from virgin to semi-virgin, or semi-virgin to recycled mats.

The indoor/outdoor plastic rugs are great for your patio, backyard, and the beach or camping. We also manufacture Handy mats which you can carry very easily.

The rugs can be made between 350 GSM to 600 GSM as per the customer/buyer requirement in all three compositions.

About 2mm to 3mm, depending upon the GSM. It’s sturdier and thicker than a beach mat or bamboo table mat. Despite being relatively thin, the rug is surprisingly bouncy underfoot.

For most of the designs, we can use a maximum of four colours only, but there are some designs (weaver) on which we can use more colours.

Standard sizes are 90 x 150, 90 x 180, 120 x 180, 150 x 210, 150 x 240, 180 x 270, 240 x 300, and 274 x 360 (all sizes are in cm).

We can make any size in any design but only for specific quantities and requirements. Once the width is set, (which can be from 90, 120,150,180 and 240 CM) the length of the rug can be as per the buyer’s requirement.

We have more than 600 design right now in rugs and our talented merchandising team always come up with great colours and designs for buyers. Our most of the buyers give their designs to us for manufacturing and some buyers select our developed designs. We also develop designs as per the buyer’s instructions.

Sample development won’t take long time, we can develop samples within 15 days, depend upon the number of designs buyers choices.

  1. Weight will tend to vary by plus and minus 5%.
  2. Width and lengths do vary by 2% and 5% respectively on the plus and minus side.
  1. In 20 feet container 5000 square meter material can be shipped.
  2. In 40 feet container 11,500 square meter material can be shipped.

The lead time for a 20 feet container is 30-45 days and for 40 feet container, it is 45-60 days depending upon the no of SKU’s in the order.

The Rugs are individually packed in poly bags and then in HDPE Bales. We also do PDQ packing as per the customer’s requirement.

The indoor/outdoor rugs are super easy to clean. Shaking off the rug would take most dirt off it. You can also vacuum, wipe off with a dry or damp cloth, and wash with a garden hose or in the bathtub using water.

Some rugs are more durable than others, but typically you can expect to replace an outdoor rug every couple of years if you leave it exposed to the elements year-round. They will last longer if you put them in a covered area, and keep them clean.

Yes, most of our rugs are reversible, so you get two looks for the price of one!

No, we use high-quality masterbatches pigments, these masterbatches pigments are known for their excellent resistance to fading when exposed to light. They also tend to be more resistant to fading when exposed to open air and heat.

No, we use high-quality performance ultraviolet stabilizers, these stabilizers work by absorbing or screening out UV radiation and preventing damage that could happen to the rugs.

Yes, because the rug is plastic, it’s water-resistant and dust-mite resistant, it’s an ideal floor covering for households with pets of all sorts.

Yes. All our rugs can be recycled, making them extra eco-friendly.

We have capacity to produce 11,000 to 12000 square meter per day.

Yes, we are planning to increase our product capacity by 70% in 2022.

Our MOQ is 1200 to 1500 square meter per rug, depending upon the designs and colours.

Yes, we meet all the social security and quality standard, we have SMETA, SCAN and ISO 9001:2015 certificates. We also do audits as per the buyer’s requirements.

Yes, from 2016 we are taking part in Domotex world’s leading trade fair for floor coverings & Heimtextile the largest international trade fair for textile interior design in Frankfurt am Main. In 2018 we also participated in IHGF Delhi fair.

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