Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe? Things You Should Know

Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe? Exhibitions

Polypropylene is a laboratory-made synthetic fibrous material used to manufacture different household use products- like carpet or rugs. It mainly has four primary derivatives – polyester, olefin, acrylic, and nylon which the manufacturers use to produce different types of carpets and rugs. Among the different derivatives of petroleum, polypropylene can be machine woven into different shapes and colours.
So, the question remains, are polypropylene rugs safe? The answer would be ‘yes’. If you are planning to get a high-quality rug for your dream abode, then PP rugs would be the best bet. Here are some of the pointers we would like you to know about these unique rugs:

  • Easy-To-Clean: These rugs are quite easy-to-clean. Homeowners would find it quite easy to maintain these rugs at home.
  • Can Withstand Foot-Traffic: If you are looking for rugs that would be appropriate for offices and homes, PP rugs would be the best companions. However, it is imperative to know the differences between Polypropylene rugs and plastic rugs, which we would be explaining in the further section.

Incidentally, polypropylene rugs are not the same as plastic rugs. They have some specific advantages over other plastic rugs.

Polypropylene Vs. Polyester Rug 

Synthetic rugs are made from polythene and polyester materials, but they have subtle similarities and differences. They may not be much different from the general public – but certain factors differentiate them. If you want to be informed about these characteristics, they are mentioned in the table below:

Properties Polypropylene Polyester
Affordability They are both cheap and affordable.
Various choices These synthetic rugs are available in many colours and choices.
Low Maintenance They are easy to clean with regular methods like vacuuming or spot cleaning. They are also stain-resistant, making them useful in high-population areas.
Durability They have lower durability than organic and natural rugs but have the advantage of not bouncing back.
Look and feel Both of them are comfortable, fluffy, and cosy.
Resistance to stain Both are resistant to stains except oil-based ones.
Stable colour The rugs’ fibres are tightly machine-woven, so they retain colour much longer than other rugs.
Water resistance It is more hydrophobic than polyester. It absorbs more water than polypropylene.
It will dry faster It is more prone to mildew attacks.
Heat resistance It is less heat resistant than polyester. It will fade slower.
It has a lower melting point. It can be subjected to heat treatment without a problem.

However, if you wonder, “are polypropylene rugs safe?” then the answer may not be what you are looking for.

Is Polypropylene Good For Outdoor Rugs?

In the outdoors, you have to worry about the sunlight, water, and heavy foot traffic. High-priced fibre rugs may look beautiful but are not a good choice for outdoor rugs, where they will become dirty and will tear quickly. Moreover, these fibres absorb water – so, there is a chance of mildew contamination.
polypropylene rug will be a good and economical replacement for these problems. In addition to resisting mould or mildew growth – one can use these rugs outdoors, bathrooms, and basements – where the chances of water exposure are high. Some of the properties of polypropylene rugs, which makes them a safe bet for outdoors, are listed below:

  1. Polypropylene rugs consist of synthetic fibres – which makes them waterproof. Their fibre construction allows them to hold their colours for a longer period.
  2. They have many colours and designs – you can choose anyone you like.
  3. Polypropylene rugs are designed to handle heavy foot traffic, and they are also stain-resistant, so they do not fade easily.
  4. Polypropylene rugs are inexpensive, which makes them an economical choice among other options.
  5. These rugs also feel good – users have compared their feel and look to costly woollen rugs. They are also easy to wash.

So, from a financial perspective, if you ask, “Are polypropylene rugs safe?” –we would say, ‘yes, it is. Whether it’s your home or office, these rugs would prove to be economical, usage-efficient, as well as attractive.

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