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Like they say; “ From humble beginnings come great stories”.

Throwback to the year 1986 when we set up canaltaronja.cat our first manufacturing unit in Umbergaon, Gujarat with a vision of producing premium quality 100% recycled plastic rugs from polypropylene. Our thinking was quite revolutionary for the time and our founder Mr Haroon Kudia had great ambitions for the future. At the time, we were one of the few companies to invest in state of the art looms some of which were imported from Japan. Sahil Plastic gained credibility very quickly which enabled us to tenaciously work towards expanding our product portfolio, increase our production capacity and within a decade we were supplying to customers globally.

We’ve come a long way since then and have expanded our manufacturing units in multiple locations throughout India including Damman, Talasari and the largest one being in Aurangabad. Through our worldwide distribution network, currently, our rugs reach more than 30 countries around the world, from the USA to Canada, the UK and Europe. We are working harder than ever to serve and delight our customers.

We are extremely proud of our growing network of 200+ clients, retailers and buyers around the globe. We have a strong commitment to quality, excellence in customer service driven by innovative automation in the manufacturing plants that have enabled us to deliver 5000+ unique mat designs meeting every need in the perfect time for our clients.

Access the best recycled plastic rugs

For the past 35 years, our company has always focused on quality, efficiency and speed while also retaining the highest possible quality in our recycled plastic rugs. The main driving force behind our high-quality delivery is our strong skilled employee network without whom our success wouldn’t have been possible. As our commitment towards them, we went through audits and certifications of international standards.

Sahil Plastic are a proud member of the world’s largest trade associations SEDEX and SCAN. SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains and SCAN is an industry trade association that provides a systematic approach whereby mutually acceptable global compliance standards are achieved in reducing audit and operational redundancy. In addition, we have also successfully passed the Amazon Quality Audit enabling our clients to buy our plastic rugs online with complete confidence.

Our recycled plastic rugs meet international quality standards and we are regular participants of the worlds biggest textile trade shows Domote and Heimtextile.

As dedicated and professional plastic mats manufacturers, we know how important it is to provide the ultimate value and quality. That’s why you can rely on us to maintain the quality and value every time with exceptional price points.

Looking forward to a brighter future

Currently, our manufacturing plant can produce more than 11000 to 12000 square meters every day and we aim to further increase our production capacity up to 70% from 2022 and beyond. Whether you are a retailer or buyer representing an international retailer, you can rest assured our team can work with you hand in hand right from choosing/creating unique custom plastic rug designs to getting you the best price and speedy delivery. You can always rely on our team to deliver exactly what you need.

We continue to make significant investments in ensuring our end to end process is eco friendly and have adopted measures in place by replacing cardboard packaging boxes and reusing water in our manufacturing units.

Looking forward to 2022 and beyond, our focus is to expand to even more regions and provide our customers with state of the art, incredible plastic rugs. We at Sahil Plastic are grateful to our customers for their business and trust, to our employees for their hard work, and to our founder for all the support/encouragement along the way. Cheers to another 35 years of growth!!

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