Good cleaning and care of polypropylene mats

Cleaning And Care Of Polypropylene Mats Exhibitions

Polypropylene fiber is derived from a thermoplastic polymer. It is weatherproof and withstands moisture and mildew. At times, people prefer to go for polypropylene mats because their color doesn’t fade. It is during the fiber creation process that the color is added. It hence stays sealed into the material.

So, polypropylene mats look new for longer and come in a wide range of colors as well.

Cleaning and care for polypropylene mats


Occasional vacuuming is recommendable for polypropylene mats. If one does not use them every day, one should vacuum them before use. This helps get rid of the dust particles over the surface of the mats. This keeps the mat clean.

Stains and spills

If there are any stains and spills over them, mopping should work well for safeguarding against damage and staining.

  • One should use a white towel, made of cotton or paper for patting and mopping the liquid. Avoid rubbing over the stain, such that it does not deepen. In case the liquid spilled is more, then a light or a white-colored sponge will deliver the finest outcomes.
  • Using a few drops of liquid detergent mixed along with water helps overcome stronger stains.
  • If you repeat the process a couple of times. The mat should be nice and clean.

If there are oil stains over the mat, then it is recommendable to remove them quickly because polypropylene might absorb oil. The stain is hence more likely to settle quickly.

Oil stains can be overcome more easily by using a dry-cleaning liquid. One should blot gently while the stain goes. Then, one should vacuum the mat.

Now, we can consider the stains created by any solid agents, such as mud or dirt.

  • Use a dull-edged tool for scraping away as much portion of the solid deposition as possible.
  • Then, using a clean, white cloth and water, blot, while the cloth comes clean.
  • Finally, vacuum the mat. This will extract traces of the remaining dirt, and dry the mat as well.


  • Take the mat outdoors and lay it, preferably over a sloping surface.
  • Wet the mat using a hose.
  • Then, drip a liquid detergent over the mat.
  • Scrub the mat gently using a soft brush
  • Rinse with water until clear.


Polypropylene mats dry the best outdoors. But avoid drying them in direct sunlight, to extend their life. They may be hanged on a railing to dry.

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