Eco-friendly production and work processes are among our core work ethics


At Sahil Plastic Pvt. Ltd., we take great pride in our environment-friendly work processes. We care for the environment and make it a point to ensure that we adhere to safe and sustainable manufacturing processes. This empowers us to deliver the planet to the generations to follow in the same way that we had received it.

We keep updated with the latest developments in PP manufacturing technologies and implement them in our work. This not just makes our manufacturing processes environment friendly but also upkeeps the safety standards at our workplace.

We have set protocols for PP manufacturing and stringently adhere to them in our production processes. At all levels of production – manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain, we conduct eco-friendly work processes.

  • Zero waste policy

At Sahil Plastic Pvt. Ltd, we follow a zero-waste policy and do not pollute the environment with the waste products that arise from our manufacturing processes. The production at our facilities is high, because of the high demand for our products in the global and local markets. At our manufacturing facilities, tons of plastic scrap are produced each year. But we do not dispose of the scrap. Instead, we reprocess the tons of plastic scrap generated by our manufacturing units. To meet the requirements, we use state-of-the-art granulating machinery. As the plastic scrap is converted into granules, it can once again be used in-house for the manufacturing processes.

  • Water-saving

At our manufacturing units, the water that the extruders use is not drained out. It is instead reused constantly. This is an important feature for saving water and lets us save on millions of liters of water each year. We meet 95% of our annual water requirements through reused water.

  • Doing our bit for the green era

There are several ways in which we do our bit for the green era. We save wood, by not using wooden cartons. Instead, we use HDPE bags for packaging our goods and prevent deforestation.

At Sahil Plastic Pvt. Ltd, eco-friendly production and work processes make one of our core work ethics.

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